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Social Groups
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1 0000 EXAMPLE: DonaldDuckies
2 05 grads from LOHS
3 10th grade students of The Urban Assembly School of Design and Contruction
4 15th and Alder Second Floor, north corridor Co-op Residents
5 2002 Oakridge High School Athletes
6 24 Fans
7 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers
8 29th and Willamette Price Chopper employees.
9 9th Graders at Waiakea High School - - Hawai'i
10 A "When Harry met Sally" Couple
11 A Family In Eugene
12 A four-wheeling group based in Oregon City.
13 A group of drug using friends with rich parents from Las Vegas.
14 A group of people from the island of Kauai in Hawaii who speak Pidgin English (broken English)
15 A group of Persians living abroad