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Social Group: A "When Harry met Sally" Couple
Description: This social group is in many ways unique. At the start of my interviews, they described themselves as a "When Harry met Sally" couple because how they met each other was exactly like how the couple in the movie “When Harry met Sally” had met. The group began in their high school orchestra class where they both played the same instrument – the saxophone. After meeting in this class, they found themselves involved in other similar activities with each other such as theater groups, classes and sports. However, it wasn’t until their junior and senior year of high school that they started dating and thus created their “group”. Since then, they have remained inseparable for nearly 3 and a half years. This group is diverse from other social groups because it consists of only two people who are both best friends and lovers. The two members of this group are middle-class Caucasian students and are of the ages 20 and 21. They met and grew up together in the Yamhill, Oregon area while attending high school together. They are now both attending the University of Oregon and are currently working very hard as Resident Assistants (RA). Due to the fact that being a RA is a very time consuming task, the little free time they have is usually spent together. This sort of isolation has led them to be a very close group that enjoys doing many things together such as going to movies, eating out at their favorite restaurants, playing video games, and hours upon hours of good conversations. These shared activities are what have caused them to create many special “slang terms” that set this group apart from other social groups and indentify them as a whole.
Student Name: bpowell2

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1 Banana Waffles (Noun) Source: This word was created when the group wanted to go have banana waffles at the Original Pancake House, only to find that the restaurant doesn't serve waffles. After that, they just called the restaurant "Banana Waffles". . Meaning: This is what this group calls "The Original Pancake House". Context: One would use it when one wanted to make special breakfast plan. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

2 Bob Saget (Noun ) Source: This term was stolen from their theatre group that they both were involved in in highschool. . Meaning: Another way to say "God damn it". Context: One would use this word while frustrated and wanting to say something fierce that is not a cuss word. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

3 Car Bomb (Noun) Source: This term was created from a type of drink that one member of the group enjoys, and was used as a "code word" for seious discussions. . Meaning: A "code-word" for a serious talk that needs to happen. . Context: This word would be used when a serious problem arises that is important for discussion. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

4 Chikita (Noun) Source: This word was taken by this group from the Spanish word "Chica" meaning little girl, and is now used to pertain to younger sisters. . Meaning: A nickname for a little sister. . Context: In most situations one would use it as a term of endearment when talking about a little girl. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

5 Dick Flick (Adjective) Source: This word is related to the word "chick flick" and it just came up off of the group's head one day in a humorous conversation. . Meaning: The opposite of a "chick flick", which is a girl movie. "dick Flick" pertains to action and comedy movies. . Context: One would use this word when trying to figure out what genre of film one wanted to see on a particular occasion. . Collected: 01/01/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

6 Flugen (Adjective) Source: This term was just a made up word that was used in conversation one day. . Meaning: A word that is used when you don't have any other word to describe how good you feel. . Context: One would use this term when describing something good that happened to them that they are really happy about. . Collected: 01/25/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

7 Greece (Noun ) Source: The group began using this word after deciding where they wanted to go for their honeymoon, which is Greece. . Meaning: To have a really good discussion or a "code word" for needing to be cheered up. Context: One would use this term when asking another person to cheer them up, or when one wanted to talk about something good that happened to them that day. . Collected: 01/25/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

8 In a funk (Adjective) Source: . Meaning: To feel blue or moody. Context: One would use this word to describe how they are feeling. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

9 Kitten and the Grasshopper (Noun) Source: One night they decided to make up a story about a kitten and a grasshopper and from then on anytime they tell a made-up story, it is about a kitten and a grasshopper. . Meaning: An instrument for making one feel better and relaxing someone after a bad day. . Context: You would use this term when asking someone to tell you a story that will calm and relax you. . Collected: 01/25/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

10 Locked down (Adverb) Source: This term was taken from the Resident Hall Association term "locked down" which means to be stuck on duty all weekend. . Meaning: Insanely busy with a project or a job. . Context: One would use this word when they are describing how busy they are. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

11 Muffin (Noun) Source: . Meaning: Another word for cat. . Context: One would use this word when they see a cat or are describing a cat. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

12 Muse (Adjective) Source: This group took this word from the actual term "muse" which is a creative inpsiration. . Meaning: A nickname between the two that they use when they are feeling affectionate towards each other. . Context: This word would be used when one is talking about someone special who inspires them to do good things. . Collected: 01/01/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

13 Schmuck (Verb) Source: . Meaning: To injure yourself or something that belongs to you. . Context: One would use this term when describing an incident that has happened to them. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

14 Sevilla (Noun) Source: This word was created by this group after a soccer team (Sevilla) event that they attended to. They had so much fun there that they decided to use the word "Sevilla" to describe their excitement for all things and not just soccer. . Meaning: A word that is exclaimed when someone is happy. . Context: One would use this term in a situation where they were extremely excited about something that has happened to them. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

15 Shabby Chic (Adjective) Source: It was a made up design term created while watching HGTV. . Meaning: When something is unappealing, yet classy. . Context: Used when one is describing things that are not fashionable, but one wishes that they were. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.

16 Umami (Adjective) Source: This word was created as the group was watching the food network. It's original meaning is a location on the tongue. . Meaning: Something is good, attractive or appetizing. . Context: One could use this word when out at a restaurant to criticize the food one was eating. . Collected: 01/19/2010 by Student:bpowell2.