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Social Group: 05 grads from LOHS
Description: A group of 10-15 guys who graduated from Lake Oswego High School in 2005, and remained close despite various members moving all across the country. All of them smoke Marijuana regularly which has a lot do with their vocabulary and use of slang. All of them are currently 21 or 22 (in 2008)and are currently spread across the globe. All of them are white, single males. All of them are pursuing college degrees.
Student Name: dking2

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1 503 (Five-Oh-Three) (Noun) Source: A direct reference to the Area code of the Portland Metro and parts of Salem. Meaning: The 503 is a geographical location, so to use it would mean one is describing something as geographically being inside or outside of the 503. Context: Used geographically by members of the group to describe the region. Collected: 01/01/2008 by Student:dking2.

2 Bangin' (Adj.) Source: Shortening of the verb banging to bangin' and then changed to an adjective. Meaning: Used to describe someone, usually female as attractive or hot. Context: Used when discussing someones physical attractiveness either by seeing them in person, or talking about them in the group. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

3 Boss (Adj.) Source: Comes from the standard definition of boss, in reference to the apex, the top of an organization or entity. Meaning: In this group, it is used to describe something as really cool. As if to say what the person is describing is at the top of it's peers. Context: Used to describe any thing, as a substitute for cool or awesome. Collected: 10/28/2008 by Student:dking2.

4 Get hungry (Verb.) Source: Comes from the after-effects of Marijuana known as the "munchies" where the user becomes hungry. In this case it as used as code for smoking Marijuana. Meaning: The verb is synonymous with smoking weed in this group. To ask someone if they want to get hungry explicitly means do they want to smoke marijuana. Context: Used primarily as a tactful proposal regarding smoking marijuana between friends in the group. Collected: 01/01/2008 by Student:dking2.

5 P-Town (Proper Noun) Source: Derived from the name of the city of Portland, changed from Portland to P-Town. Meaning: Another name for the City of Portland. Context: Used exclusively in reference to the city of portland, as a replacement for saying portland. Collected: 01/01/2008 by Student:dking2.

6 Sector (1-9) (Noun) Source: Comes from the concept of "sectors" representing states of consciousness as a result of substance use. Meaning: The higher the sector (1-9) used, the larger the gap between reality and perception (as a result of substance use). Whereas sector 1 would assume sobriety, Sector 9 signifies the use of various psychoactive substances. Context: Used to quantify ones state of being while using substances, ranging from mild to psychoactive. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

7 Shitty (Adj.) Source: Shortened version of "shitfaced" meaning to become intoxicated past the point of control. . Meaning: To get "shitty" is to get obscenely intoxicated on alcohol. Context: Usually used in future tense (Hey guys, let's get shitty tonight) and past tense (I got really shitty last night) but rarely used in present tense. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

8 Smash (Verb) Source: A reference to the popular video game series Super Smash Brothers, including all iterations: Super Smash Brothers, Super Smash Brothers: Melee and Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Meaning: Used to shorten the pronunciation of playing Super Smash Brothers as a verb. Context: Used to propose the act itself, or to describe the act. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

9 The Palace (Proper Noun) Source: Ironic name given to an abandoned 7ft X 7ft boat house which was refurnished by the group and later used for substance fueled debauchery. Meaning: The Palace gives one the image of a large mansion, but it is not. It is a very small room with a couch, posters and a bong. Context: Used in proposals of location. "Let's go to the palace". Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

10 The Usu' (Pronounced you-sh) (Noun) Source: Shortening of the word "usual", with the word "the" preceding it. Meaning: A humorous way of describing an activity as commonplace, whether it is or not. Context: It has many different contexts depending on the intent. Sometimes used to legitimately make note of a repetitive activity, or it can also be used humorously in terms of an activity that is not so frequent. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

11 Tool (Noun) Source: Comes from the word tool, as in the utility, but in this case to describe a person. Meaning: An insult, meant for someone who is not respected by their peers because of their actions, as opposed to a "loser" who is usually seen as unfortunate and not able to change their position. Whereas a tool should know better. Context: Usually used in reference to a person as a result of their actions and/or demeanor. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.

12 Tune'skies (Noun) Source: Comes from the word "Tunes" but with a suffix of 'skies. Meaning: Another way of saying music, or tunes. Context: Mostly used to propose that the group listen to music together, or while they are doing some activity. Collected: 10/24/2008 by Student:dking2.