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Social Group: 15th and Alder Second Floor, north corridor Co-op Residents
Description: Due to the secluded manner that these residents affiliate themselves, they have adopted many slang terms which they use as a daily basis as their own language. Much of their slang terms are either shortened versions of real words, or are merely used in jest among friends.
Student Name: jtosti

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1 bia (noun) Source: coming from the term "bitch" [Middle English bicche, from Old English bicce.]. Meaning: one who is considered uncool, by not taking risks, or just leading a dull life. Context: a response to someone's attitude or actions. Collected: 04/19/2006 by Student:jtosti.

2 brell (noun) Source: shortened form of "umbrella". Meaning: another word for umbrella. Context: used in the same reference as an umbrella. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

3 commando (noun) Source: comes from commanding something [Afrikaans kommando, from Dutch commando, unit of troops, from Spanish comando, from comandar, to command, from Late Latin commandre.]. Meaning: another word for a television's remote control. Context: can be used in place of "remote" . Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

4 Darth Squibbles (noun/adjective) Source: from a song called "Riding Dirty" that eventually morphed into an antagonistic term. Meaning: 1) a person who ruins everything 2) an idiotic event. Context: used to blame bad luck on something. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

5 face (noun) Source: reference to defense moves in basketball, as in "facial" because the person is blocking the offensive player's face from seeing the basket [Middle English, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *facia, from Latin facis. See dh- in Indo-European Roots.]. Meaning: similar to "stop" or "shut up". Context: can be used to retort back to someone in a domineering manner. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

6 fer sure (phrase) Source: morphed from "for sure". Meaning: deffinitely, yes, of course, etc. Context: used when affirming any statement. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

7 gapple (acronym, adj, noun) Source: loosely based off of GAPL, which stands for "Garbage Ass Penis Lickers". Meaning: 1) a small group of friends within a larger group of friends 2) unfortunate, dissapointing. Context: if 4/7 friends are going to lunch and they leave 3 friends behind, one of the three would refer to the other four as gapple. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

8 garbage (adj) Source: referring to trash [Middle English, offal from fowls.]. Meaning: worthless. Context: someone/something that is not worth one's time. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

9 jimminy jubis (exclamation) Source: unknown. Meaning: an expression similar to "darnit". Context: used when perplexed. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

10 merk (verb) Source: short for "mercenary" [Middle English mercenarie, a mercenary, from Old French mercenaire, from Latin mercnnrius, from mercs, wages, price.]. Meaning: to attack, dominate, or kill. Context: used when referring to opponents in games, especially video games. Collected: 04/19/2006 by Student:jtosti.

11 "not tryin' to be nice" (phrase) Source: and inside joke derived from a game of beer pong. Meaning: expressing one's superiority over another in some form of competition. Context: after one opponent makes a good play, they might say this. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

12 paw (noun) Source: comes from John Hughes's "Home Alone" [Middle English pawe, from Old French powe.]. Meaning: another word for "hand". Context: a body part. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

13 perusing (verb) Source: derived from the word "peruse" meaning To read or examine, typically with great care. [Middle English perusen, to use up : Latin per-, per- + Middle English usen, to use; see use.]. Meaning: another word for masturbation, especially in regard to a female. Context: an easier way to talk about foreplay. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

14 poohsnatch (verb) Source: loosely based off of an episode of "Winnie the Pooh". Meaning: to miss an opportunity, to backfire. Context: used to describe a moment where there was a chance to succeed, yet it went wrong. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

15 punches (noun) Source: unknown. Meaning: another word for gloves. Context: used in reference to accessories of the hands. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

16 skiing (verb) Source: referring to the movement one does while downhill skiing. Meaning: having sexual intercourse. Context: replacing the word "sex". Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

17 "sprinkle-pour" (verb) Source: from an acquaintance who was once describing the weather. Meaning: when it is raining heavily, but with small drops. Heavier drops than "misting". Context: description of the weather. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

18 super clean (adj) Source: from a song by Dem Franchise Boyz. Meaning: a very polite, nice person. Context: used to describe an upstanding individual. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

19 T.M. (acronym, noun) Source: derived from "text message". Meaning: short for "text message" on cell phones. Context: used to describe a written message sent through a phone . Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

20 vanilla man (noun) Source: [Obsolete Spanish vainilla, diminutive of vaina, sheath (from the shape of its seedpods), from Latin vgna.]. Meaning: referencing someone that is boring, having a bland personality. Context: used to explain a person who does not hold people's attention, or who is predictable. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.

21 yakkers (noun) Source: unknown. Meaning: goal, impressive move, etc. Context: similar to saying "swish" in basketball after making a basket. Collected: 04/20/2006 by Student:jtosti.