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Social Group: 0000 EXAMPLE: DonaldDuckies
Description: [Your description of the Social Group should: (1) Describe what makes it a social group - i.e., both what holds it together as a group, and what distinguishes it or separates it from other social groups; include good KEYWORDS. (2) Tell where the group is found geographically, ages, genders, salient socio-economic factors, education, ethnicity, etc. of the members. (3) Describe what makes this social group a speech community. Do they have (partial) isolation from other speech communities? Do they have specialized vocabulary associated with their activities?]
Student Name: dduck

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1 0-AN.EXAMPLE: DonaldDuckie (noun) Source: [The historical source of the word.] "Donald Duck" historically refered to the name of a Disney character and is the mascot for the University of Oregon, which motivates the slang meaning association. The word "duck" came into Modern English from Middle English "doke", from Old English "duce", from "ducan", meaning 'to dive'. Meaning: [What the word literally refers to; the word's denotation.] A University of Oregon student who loves to be out in the rain. Context: [In what situation is the word used?] Used by non-University of Oregon students, including UO administrators and students from other colleges. Typically heard during the winter. Collected: 04/14/2006 by Student:dduck.