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Social Group: 2002 Oakridge High School Athletes
Description: The members of the 2001/02 OHS football and men's basketball teams. There are many people who are members of both. I would estimate that this groups would include about 50-60 teenage males.
Student Name: piper

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1 alley oop (noun) Source: unknown. Meaning: A lob pass near the rim that someone catches and dunks in the same motion. Context: Used when speaking of this particular kind of pass during a basketball game. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

2 dunkage (noun) Source: From the term "dunk," as in dunking a basketball. Meaning: A measure of one's ability to dunk on a regulation basketball hoop. Context: Used when commenting on someone's ability to dunk, or when comparing your dunking abilities to someone else's. . Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

3 K (phrase) Source: Short for OK. Meaning: Sure, that's fine, go ahead. Context: Used when giving consent. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

4 K (noun) Source: unknown. Meaning: Strikeout, in baseball. Context: Used in place of strikeout. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

5 leech (noun) Source: Comes from the animal, a blood-sucking parasite. Meaning: You depend on someone else to take care of you, not because you are unable to take care of yourself, but because you are too lazy. Context: Used when talking about a person who can't take care of themselves. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

6 nipply (adjective) Source: Originated from the fact that one's nipples get hard when it is cold. Meaning: Cold, chilly. Context: Can be used when describing the cold temprature of an area. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

7 riding the pine (phrase) Source: Comes from the fact that some benches are made out of pine. Meaning: A person never gets into a game, he just sits on the bench. Context: Used for any sport when talking about someone who usually dosen't play. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

8 six (noun) Source: Comes from touchdown, because a touchdown is six points. Meaning: Touchdown. Context: Can be used in place of touchdown. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

9 snaps (noun) Source: unknown. Meaning: "snaps" is another word for dinner money. Context: Used during the post game McDonald's trip when asking to borrow money. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

10 T (noun) Source: Technical foul. Meaning: A shortere word for technical foul. A technical foul is assessed for excessive arguing with officials or other players, or for fighting. Context: Used when speaking of this particular kind of foul during a basketball game. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.

11 What the hezey? (phrase) Source: Originated from the phrase "what the hell?". Meaning: Used to express that an uncommon, unprobable occurrence has just happened. Context: Said either right when the occurrence happens, or as a response when being told about the occurrence. Collected: 02/21/2002 by Student:piper.