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  Lexical Item or Phrase: dunkage
  Meaning: A measure of one's ability to dunk on a regulation basketball hoop.
  Date Collected: 02/21/2002
  Student Name: piper
  Social Group: 2002 Oakridge High School Athletes
  Part of Speech: noun
  Source: From the term "dunk," as in dunking a basketball.
  Context: Used when commenting on someone's ability to dunk, or when comparing your dunking abilities to someone else's.
  Connotations: Positive term is someone has a lot of dunkage, negative term when someone has no dunkage (i.e. they can't dunk).
  Examples: Jason just got rim-checked. He sure dosen't have very much dunkage.
  Sociological Implications: Anyone can praise someone's dunkage, but only people who have a lot of dunkage can make fun of someone for having no dunkage.

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