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  Lexical Item or Phrase: Snowmachine, Sled
  Meaning: The vehicle known as a snowmobile in most of the United States.
  Date Collected: 02/18/2002
  Student Name: shimek
  Social Group: Alaskan students at UO
  Part of Speech: Noun
  Source: Primarily winter usage, usually linked with snow.
  Context: Used in reference to winter sports, snow activities, and everyday winter transportation.
  Connotations: A geographical name for a generic machine built by different brands.
  Examples: "Are you going snow camping this weekend?" "Yeah, we got a new snowmachine and I want to try it out"
  Sociological Implications: Snowmachine is derived from the physical usage of the word. Sled is same term used for the wooden sled pulled by dogs.

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