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  Lexical Item or Phrase: TTFN
  Meaning: Ta Ta For now, like saying you'll see them later....See you later, or until next time
  Date Collected: 10/12/2000
  Student Name: mmoyseow
  Social Group: Instant Messenger Users
  Part of Speech: Abbreviation
  Source: Computer
  Context: Used when saying goodbye or letting a person know that you are now exiting the chat room you would say TTFN
  Connotations: Letting the person know in another way that you are no longer going to be on line or chatting. A mutual agreement.
  Examples: ~Well bye ~TTFN
  Sociological Implications: Used in a chat room or in a single conversation with someone else on-line , with computer access, and is associated with mainly teenagers and young adults but many people use this for of communication.

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